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Who was Köse Mihal? | The Real History of Mikhael Kosses | The First Byzantine to join the Ottomans

    During the early era of the Ottoman Empire, there were many Byzantine lords and commanders that joined the ranks of the Ottomans, even converting to Islam. The first (significant one) among them being  Köse Mihal, also known as Mikhael Kosses. In this video we will go over his life, achievements, exploits, and the legacy he left behind.           Mikhael Kosses, an ethnic Greek, is believed to have been from the famous Palaiologos Dynasty, which ruled the Byzantine Empire from the years 1259 until its downfall in 1453CE, the longest a dynasty ever ruled the empire. Köse Mihal was the Byzantine governor of the Harmankaya Castle. The Harmankaya Castle was in the Uludag mountains in the foothills of Bilecik, Turkey. After taking part in a battle against Osman Ghazi, alongside the Byzantine governor of Eskisehir, he was captured and taken prisoner. However, he was forgiven by Osman for his valor and heroism.       In the following years, a trap would be set up for Osman by the neighbor

Who was Ertugrul Ghazi?

    During the beginning of the 13th century, the Islamic world was facing its hardest times. The bloodthirsty Mongol Empire was making all the world's greatest empires bow down to their oppression. On the other hand, the Khwarazm  Empire was at its peak and conquered many areas of Khorasan, Iran, Syria, and Iraq. However, after being invaded by the Mongols, the entire empire was torn to pieces. After the destruction of this empire, Turkish tribes there started migrating further toward Iran, Syria, and even Egypt. At the time the Kayi Tribe was a warrior tribe, which was a bit stronger and more populated than other tribes. The Kayis had left their homeland Khorasan and were headed for Ahlat. However, after the onslaught of the Mongols, the Turkmen had to migrate from the Caucasus and surrounding areas to the east and Central Anatolia. The Karakeceli clan of the Kayis moved to Erzurum. However, after Ertugrul's father passed away, the Kayi Tribe split. Ertugrul had three brot