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Who was Saltuk Alp?

      During the early era of the Ottoman Empire, there were a few heroic warriors who contributed significantly to the establishment of the state. These heroes were the closest confidants of Ertugrul and Osman Ghazi, and would later serve as the great military commanders, local governors, and administrators of the Ottoman Beylic. And even later on, their sons and grandsons would reach preeminence in the Ottoman administration and army.   Among these early Ottoman Ghazis was a warrior named Saltuk Alp.  Saltuk Alp     Saltuk Alp was one of Ertugrul Ghazi's greatest comrades. It is known that Osman Ghazi especially trusted him during his reign. In fact, in Asikpasaoglu's works, he writes that Osman Ghazi sent Saltuk Alp as a companion in Orhan ghazi's first expeditions.     When Osman went on an expedition to the Sakarya Valley, he assigned Kose Mihal and Saltuk Alp to assist his son Orhan Ghazi in ensuring the security of the region. The Cavdarlu Tatars, who really wanted t

The History, Controversy, & Truth behind the Hagia Sophia

     On July 24, 2020, the Hagia Sophia structure was officially opened as the Grand Mosque of the Hagia Sophia. This decision given by the Directorate of Turkey's religious affairs would prove to be extremely controversial, receiving much criticism from Western states. However, it would ultimately bring the majority of the fellow Turkish inhabitants to full satisfaction. In this article, we will shed light on the history of the Hagia Sophia; the conquest & controversy surrounding it, and of course: whether or not it was right to make the structure a mosque. The Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque           The Hagia Sophia is an enormous architectural marvel in Istanbul, Turkey, which was originally built as a Christian Basilica nearly 1,500 years ago. This ancient structure has survived hundreds of earthquakes and attacks throughout history. It's age, size, architecture, atmosphere, and magnificence make it truly a very unique place in the world. The building was originally cons