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Who was Ahmad Shah Durrani?

    In the history of Afghanistan, there have been many mighty rulers and sovereigns, however, one stood out from all of them. He was a  pious, patriotic, and merciful man who had all the profound traits of an exceptional leader, and ruled his lands with justice. He not only became the hero of all Afghans but also saved Islam in the subcontinent. In this video, we will go through the chapters of the life of Ahmad Shah Durrani, the Afghan ruler who united the Afghan tribes and became the founder of modern Afghanistan, as well as the father of his nation.   Ahmad Shah Durrani      Ahmad Khan Abdali was born in Herat, in 1723. He was the son of Zaman Khan, and the grandson of Dawlat Khan. He was from the Pashtun Sadouzai Tribe, a sub tribe of the Abdali Tribe. The story starts in  1732 CE, in Farah, Afghanistan, when Ahmad Khan's older brother, Zulfiqar Khan was defeated by his enemies. Zulfiqar Khan took his younger brother Ahmad Khan with him and fled to Kandahar, where they sought

From Turban to Fez: The Story of how the Ottoman Empire Westernized

    Count Nikolay, the Russian ambassador to Istanbul writes that when he arrived at the headquarters of Patriarch  Barmanus, the latter personally read him a draft with "many noteworthy recommendations against the Ottomans." The draft wrote: "It will be impossible to defeat the Ottomans and destroy their state. They have great patience and are of firm standing. Likewise, their pride and self esteem are evident in their character. This morality is founded in their attachment to their religion, their satisfaction with fate, and their obedience to their sultan, their leaders, and their elders. Therefore, first their sense of obedience must be tackled, their moral ties must be shattered, and their religious adherence must be weakened. The quickest way to achieve this is to make them accustomed to foreign thinking that does not correspond to their surroundings, and behaviors that are different from what they are familiar to. When their Ottoman essence is shaken, the unique s