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Who was Ahmad Shah Durrani?

    In the history of Afghanistan, there have been many mighty rulers and sovereigns, however, one stood out from all of them. He was a  pious, patriotic, and merciful man who had all the profound traits of an exceptional leader, and ruled his lands with justice. He not only became the hero of all Afghans but also saved Islam in the subcontinent. In this video, we will go through the chapters of the life of Ahmad Shah Durrani, the Afghan ruler who united the Afghan tribes and became the founder of modern Afghanistan, as well as the father of his nation.   Ahmad Shah Durrani      Ahmad Khan Abdali was born in Herat, in 1723. He was the son of Zaman Khan, and the grandson of Dawlat Khan. He was from the Pashtun Sadouzai Tribe, a sub tribe of the Abdali Tribe. The story starts in  1732 CE, in Farah, Afghanistan, when Ahmad Khan's older brother, Zulfiqar Khan was defeated by his enemies. Zulfiqar Khan took his younger brother Ahmad Khan with him and fled to Kandahar, where they sought

Who was Bamsi Beyrek?

    The fierce & aggressive, double sworded warrior;  famous & legendary Oghuz nobleman;  hilarious & kind hearted, handsome & generous by nature: Bamsi Beyrek. Bamsi was a legendary hero, who's life was documented in "The Book of Dede Korkut", which is believed to have been over thousands of years old. Bamsi was said to have been the best friend of the main character in the book, Salur Kazan. However, what do we know about the life of the Oghuz legend, Bamsi Beyrek?     Many thousands of years ago,  there was a grand gathering of all Oghuz Princes in the presence of Bayindir Khan (the Aq Qayunlu Sultan). Upon seeing that every other nobleman had a son beside him, one of the princes, Bay Bure, started to weep. One of the noblemen, Salur Kazan (who happened to be the son in law of Bayindir Khan) asked him, "why do you weep"? Bay Bure replied, telling them he did not have a son or brother to carry on his family. And so, all the Oghuz princes prayed