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Did George Washington pay taxes to the Ottoman Empire?

    During the periods of Sultan Bayezid II and Sultan Selim I, the Ottoman Navy was expanding and employing experienced sailors . When Barbaros Hayreddin was made Grand Admiral in 1534, the Ottoman Navy would become the most dominant force in the sea, and it would change the course of Ottoman History. Outnumbering, allied Christian fleets would be indefinitely defeated, and Ottoman Sultans would be called "Sultans of the seas". Ottoman Sea warriors in North Africa ventured beyond the Mediterranean into the Atlantic. Ottoman sea power extended to the point that Britain itself was forced to pay taxes to the Ottomans. And so when America gained its independence from Britain, it was forced to do the same when all of its resisting navy ships were captured by the Ottomans. Despite all the money spent on his navy, George Washington was left with no choice but to sign a treaty in Turkish accepting all the terms of the Ottomans, including tax payments. To this day, it is the only eve

Who was Bamsi Beyrek?

    The fierce & aggressive, double sworded warrior;  famous & legendary Oghuz nobleman;  hilarious & kind hearted, handsome & generous by nature: Bamsi Beyrek. Bamsi was a legendary hero, who's life was documented in "The Book of Dede Korkut", which is believed to have been over thousands of years old. Bamsi was said to have been the best friend of the main character in the book, Salur Kazan. However, what do we know about the life of the Oghuz legend, Bamsi Beyrek?     Many thousands of years ago,  there was a grand gathering of all Oghuz Princes in the presence of Bayindir Khan (the Aq Qayunlu Sultan). Upon seeing that every other nobleman had a son beside him, one of the princes, Bay Bure, started to weep. One of the noblemen, Salur Kazan (who happened to be the son in law of Bayindir Khan) asked him, "why do you weep"? Bay Bure replied, telling them he did not have a son or brother to carry on his family. And so, all the Oghuz princes prayed