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Who was Saltuk Alp?

      During the early era of the Ottoman Empire, there were a few heroic warriors who contributed significantly to the establishment of the state. These heroes were the closest confidants of Ertugrul and Osman Ghazi, and would later serve as the great military commanders, local governors, and administrators of the Ottoman Beylic. And even later on, their sons and grandsons would reach preeminence in the Ottoman administration and army.   Among these early Ottoman Ghazis was a warrior named Saltuk Alp.  Saltuk Alp     Saltuk Alp was one of Ertugrul Ghazi's greatest comrades. It is known that Osman Ghazi especially trusted him during his reign. In fact, in Asikpasaoglu's works, he writes that Osman Ghazi sent Saltuk Alp as a companion in Orhan ghazi's first expeditions.     When Osman went on an expedition to the Sakarya Valley, he assigned Kose Mihal and Saltuk Alp to assist his son Orhan Ghazi in ensuring the security of the region. The Cavdarlu Tatars, who really wanted t

Who was Turgut Alp?

    The most loyal & courageous soldier of Sulayman Shah, greatest warrior of Ertugrul Ghazi, fiercest commander of Osman Ghazi, skillful advisor of Orhan Ghazi, and conqueror of Inegol: Turgut Alp. He was known for his dazzling use of his battleaxe, which was then known to have been the most powerful axe on Earth. His incredibly long life was said to have been spent in conquering far away lands & continuously entering the battlefield. Legend has it, that at the age of 125, he was martyred fighting on the forefront of the battle, with his legendary axe in his hand. His name had become famous to the extent that he was not only mentioned in history sources, but also mythical folktales, which were spread all throughout the planet. Anyhow, what is known about the epics of the legendary combatant, Turgut Alp?

Turgut Alp

    Born to a Turkish Oguz Tribe in the year 1200 CE, Turgut Alp was destined to become a mighty warrior. Quickly, Turgut Alp would become Ertugrul Ghazi's most trustworthy 
confident, accompanying him in nearly all his expeditions & battles. His courage, loyalty, intelligence, strength, & skillfulness made him a very commendable statesman. And so, alongside Abdurrahman Ghazi, he would serve the Kayi Tribe for a miraculous four generations, and would take on the duty as the chief of the Alps (who were heroic male warriors of the Turkish Tribes of Anatolia), remarkably for 3 generations. His courage and bravery became well known throughout the whole of Anatolia. 

Turgut Remains Chief Alp for 3 Generations

    After the passing of Ertugrul Ghazi, Turgut would become the chief advisor and mentor of Osman Ghazi. He was the backbone of the Kayi Tribe, and would play a crucial role in the founding of the Ottoman State. In 1291, Turgut would fight alongside Osman in the very first Ottoman conquest (of the Karacahisar Fortress), and would accompany him in all his other conquests after that. In 1299, Osman Bey tasked Turgut with a noteworthy mission: conquering Inegol. Ultimately, Turgut Alp would fulfill his expedition, and become the conqueror of Inegol. And so, Osman Bey would gladly gift Turgut the lands that he had conquered. These lands, which consisted of villages, would be named Turgut-ili (land of Turgut); and would be governed by Turgut Alp for over 36 years, in peace and prosperity. 

Turgut Alp Conquers Inegol  

   In 1325, during the 
siege of Bursa, Turgut Alp, along with the Muslim-convert, Mihal Ghazi, took part in the conquest of Atranos Castle; which played a vital role for the following conquest of Bursa. After the death of Osman Ghazi, Turgut Alp, who was the chief of the Alps, as well as the head military commander; would continue to showcase his heroism, intellect, and wisdom for Orhan Ghazi, just as he had done for Ertugrul & Osman. Legend has it, at the age of 125, Turgut Alp was martyred while fighting on the forefront of the battle, in hand-to-hand combat, with his famous axe in his hand! And so, that was the heroic & honorable departure of the conqueror of Inegol, owner of the battlefield, & greatest of advisors: Turgut Alp. Very few men like him have ever been recorded in the chapters of history. 

Turgut Alp is Martyred at 125 Years Old

    Turgut Alp's feats were told all throughout the world, and his remarkable exploits would be written in the golden pages of history. Furthermore, he had become more than a historical figure, as his 
appearances in folktale narrations truly made him a mythical legend. In addition to that, his heroic ventures and remarkable triumphs were even written in the first Ottoman chronicles, as well as Byzantine sources. After he passed away in 1335, Turgut Alp was buried in a modest cemetery, in the mountains near Inegol, which were named Turgut Alp Village. The grave outside Ertugrul Ghazi's mausoleum is honor of him; though, it is not his actual resting place. 

Turgut Alp's True Resting Place in Inegol

    More than 500 years after his death, in 1877, during the Russo-Turkish War, a new town was 
established in the Ottoman Empire, by the Muslims of Bulgaria. Upon the suggestion of the Ottoman Sultan, Abdul-Hamid II, it was named after the miraculous warrior, Turgut Alp. And today, people from all around the world listen to his legendary folktales, visit his honorary grave in Sogut, and admire his magnificent axe in the Istanbul Military Museum. His legacy has definitely lived on, as he has been remembered in the hearts of Muslims & Turks for hundreds of years!

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